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Since economics have been (con)fused with capitalism to the point of being considered one and the same, and since the creation of its «homo oeconomicus» pet (that is, «men» being conceived as rational, cost/benefit calculating beings) we've been set up for major trouble.

Here's a nice satire from Tom Tomorrow (you can click on it to view it better):

On another note: I just met a colleague a few minutes back and she told me that students who went through my first methodology class did a great job in hers. She said she was admirative of what I had done. Yay :D However I was pretty surprised by her comment since in my opinion I did not do a great job. So:
Either her standards are not high and I did a medium job
Or her standards are somewhat high and I did a better job than I thought.
- or some combination thereof (you can imagine the varying degrees)
Anyways, I won't sit on my arse with the praise. I see room for improvement, so improvement it will be!


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